Learning for Life

Learning for Life: Lifetime Learning is good for your mind and career

When I was in younger — maybe in the 6th grade — I remember seeing my older cousins and friends graduating high school and college. This was before the time of graduations for all occasions, like pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. The older kids were so excited to have made it through the “tough” times of school, and were glad that they didn’t have to learn another thing in their lives.

For some reason, that did not work for me. After high school, I pursued athletics and academics in college. Then in my first jobs after college, I had to learn the techniques and theories behind the chemical and biological procedures to which I was assigned. I wanted to make more money, so I pursued professional licensure in molecular diagnostics. Then, while concluding the licensure, I was inspired to then pursue a master degree.

At this point, I am in my mid-late 20s, and figure I am finally ready to quit learning forever. But the master’s degree exposed me to software development, and then to Linux. I started learning these things for fun and prophet ever since. The desire to stop learning always sounded very relaxing in theory, but I have been blessed with a thirst for knowledge that is not easily quenched.

It originally seemed like a burden, but when I see the older people in my life, those who continue to learn are the most bright-eyed and lively. They are the in the best health and the happiest. I will be aspire to be a learner for life.