VirtualenvWrapper For Fish

Fish Shell is “a smart and user-friendly command line shell for macOS, Linux, and the rest of the family. It excels in tab completion and ease of use, but virtualenvwrapper does not support it.

Virtualenvwrapper, like the name suggests, is a wrapper around python’s virtualenv functionality, which allows you to use different versions of python packages in separate environments. To learn more, listen to BJB’s show called A bit of background on virtualenvwrapper on Hacker Public Radio.

Functions and aliases in my fish config file:

# Set virtual directory root
export set WORKON_HOME=$HOME/Envs

# List virtual environments
alias lsenvs="ls -m $WORKON_HOME | sed 's/\///g'"

# Create python2 virtual environment
function -d "Like virtualenvwrapper for python2" mkvirtualenv2
    virtualenv -p python2 $WORKON_HOME/$argv;
    and source $WORKON_HOME/$argv/bin/;
    and echo "Virtual environment created."

# Create python3 virtual environment
function -d "Like virtualenvwrapper" mkvirtualenv
    virtualenv -p python3 $WORKON_HOME/$argv;
    and source $WORKON_HOME/$argv/bin/;
    and echo "Virtual environment created."

# Source a virtual environment
function workon
    source $WORKON_HOME/$argv/bin/; and echo "Switch to virtual environment."

# Delete a virtual environment
function -d "Like virtualenvwrapper" rmvirtualenv
    if test -n "$VIRTUAL_ENV"
    rm -rf $WORKON_HOME/$argv; and echo "Virtual environment deleted."